Hardware Resource Requirements

The vEOS Router DPDK mode depends on the features available in modern CPUs, and thus it is important that vEOS VMs are deployed on only certain types of server platforms in order to meet performance benchmarks. Ideal server configuration should be similar to the following.

  • Intel E5-26XX v4 or later class of CPU
    • > 2.2 GHz core frequency for best performance
    • Minimum 2 CPU cores reserved for vEOS
      • At-least 2 additional cores will be used by hypervisor software
    • Hyper-threading disabled for best performance
    • non-NUMA or ensure vEOS resources are from single NUMA node
    • Power saving and frequency scaling features disabled in BIOS/Firmware/Hypervisor
  • High speed hard-drive (~7200 RPM) or SSD and minimum 8 GB of free disk space.
  • At-least 4 GB for RAM reserved for vEOS.
    • 4 GB RAM can only support 3 VRFs
    • 8 GB required for supporting up-to 8 VRFs.
    • Server should have more memory for use by hypervisor software.

In addition to the server requirements, user need to configure the hypervisor to provide memory and CPU reservation for vEOS VMs to ensure optimum performance is achieved. In addition to this, map each vCPU used by vEOS VM to a unique physical CPU core. These configuration and settings are based on the type of hypervisor used, and information is usually documented in configuration guide(s) provided by the hypervisor vendor.