https (CloudEOS and vEOS)

The https command in the command in the cloud-proxy configuration submode configures the IP, port, username and password parameters. The no https command removes the configured cloud proxy information for HTTPS from the running-config and returns the CloudEOS and vEOS to global configuration mode.

Command mode

Global Cloud Proxy Configuration

Command Syntax

https [PROXY_IP_PORT][[username]][password]

no https [PROXY_IP_PORT][[username]][password]


  • PROXY_IP_PORT Port number to be used for the HTTP server. Options include:
    • proxy-ip IP address used for the HTTPs proxy. Dotted decimal location.
    • proxy_port HTTPS proxy port. Value ranges from 1 to 65535.
  • username Name string.
  • password Password string.
    • 0 cleartext-passwd Indicates the cleartext password is in clear text. Equivalent to the no parameter case.

    • 7 encrypted_passwd Indicates encrypted password is md5 encrypted.


The following example configures the cloud proxy IP and port for HTTPS.

switch(config)#cloud proxy test
switch(config-cloud-proxy-test)#https 8888


The following example removes the configured cloud proxy HTTPS information from the running-config.

switch(config-cloud-proxy-test)#no https 8888