Launching Using Instance Template

To create a Arista vEOS instance on Google cloud with more than 2 interfaces, you need to create an instance template first and then launch the VM from the template. Google cloud has a maximum limit of 8 interfaces per VM Instance. The following steps are to create the VM template, and launch the VM with additional network interfaces.

  1. Create network subnets in a specific VPC for each attached interfaces through Google Cloud console.
  2. To activate Google Cloud Shell: Goto Menu > Compute Engine > VM Instances and click on > _ on the top right of the Menu.
  3. Create an VM template with additional network interfaces by running the below command in the Google Cloud CLI, as shown in the example below:
    gcloud compute instance-templates create arista-template-1 \
    --network-interface subnet=default \
    --network-interface subnet=net1-subnet-b,no-address \
    --network-interface subnet=net2-subnet-c,no-address \
    --region us-central1--machine-type=n1-standard-4\
    --image-project=sw-veos-public \ 
  4. Goto Menu > Compute Engine > Instance Templates and refresh to see the arista-template-1.
  5. Click on the arista-template-1, and then, click on Create VM button on the top menu.
  6. Scroll down and click on Management, security, disk, networking, sole tenancy as shown below.
  7. Click on the Security tab, and then copy the SSH key in the text window provided.
  8. Click on Networking tab, edit the 1st interface configuration to enable IP forwarding and external IP for this interface. Click on +Add network interface tab below to add required number of interfaces.
    Note: The number of interfaces are limited based on the machine-type selected. Change the machine type appropriately based on the number of interfaces.
  9. Click on the Create tab to start Arista CloudEOS with required number of interfaces.