Launching VMware ESXi 6.0 and 6.5

How to launch VMWare ESXi 6 and ESXi 6.5 for vEOS.

There are different ESXi user interfaces for managing the ESXi host, such as the vSphere Web Client and the ESXi Web Client. The following task is required to launch VMware 6.0 and 6.5 and provides a general guideline on the steps involved in deploying virtual machines with an OVF/OVA template.

Note: Arista support suggests using only the Vsphere Web client. The ESXi Web Client may have untested issues.
Note: Make sure the VMWare/ESXi Client used for OVA deployment supports the SHA256 hashing algorithm.

1. From the vCenter Server WEB-UI navigator, select Deploy OVF template.

2. Select the OVA file from the local machine.

3. Select the name and location for vEOS deployment.

4. Select the host, cluster, resource pool or VAPP.

5. Verify the template details.

6. Select Thick provision eager zeroed from the datastore.

7. Select the default network.

8. Complete the launch process.

9. Under the Recent Tasks tab at the bottom of the page, the progress of deployment displays. Once the deployment is complete, power-on the machine.