show cloud provider aws (CloudEOS and vEOS - AWS)

The show cloud provider aws command displays cloud provider information for the AWS platform.

Command Mode


Command Syntax

show cloud provider aws


The following example displays the AWS cloud configuration.

switch#show cloud provider aws
Cloud AWS Configuration
Region : us-west-1
Access key ID:
Access secret key:
Proxy: test


The following example displays the primary and backup gateway information for the AWS cloud provider.

switch#show run section cloud 
cloud provider aws
 proxy test
cloud high-availability
 no shutdown
 peer vEOS12
 backup-gatewayrtb-40b72d24 local-cloud-interface eni-26cb1d27
 backup-gatewayrtb-17b32973 local-cloud-interface eni-1589e714
 backup-gatewayrtb-54503330 local-cloud-interface eni-56cf1957
 primary-gateway rtb-a4be24c0 local-cloud-interface eni-26cb1d27
 primary-gateway rtb-e64b2882 local-cloud-interface eni-56cf1957
 primary-gateway rtb-63b02a07 local-cloud-interface eni-1589e714
peer address
 recovery wait-time 5
 bfd source-interface Ethernet1
cloud proxy test
 https 8888