Specifying Local Interfaces under Path-Group Sub-Mode


path-group <name>
local interface <intf-name> 

local interface: is used to configure the local WAN interface part of the path-group. The IP addresses assigned to the WAN interface is used as WAN IP. Multiple interfaces can be specified. For example, if there are two ISP connections.


In the above deployment: ether1 is part of MPLS path-group.

switch(config-dynamic-path-selection)# path-group mpls
switch(config-path-group-mpls)# local interface ether1

Ethernet 2 and 3 are part of Internet path-group
switch(config-dynamic-path-selection)# path-group internet
switch(config-path-group-internet)# local interface ether2
switch(config-path-group-internet)# local interface ether3