System Requirements

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions.

The CloudEOS and vEOS is part of the Arista EOS that allows it to deploy as a virtual machine image. This document details the system requirements of CloudEOS and vEOS on Linux KVM based hypervisors.

Minimum Server Requirements

  • Intel x86
  • Four cores running at 2.4GHz or greater
  • 16 GB memory
  • Intel VT-d support
  • For SR-IOV based deployment, the NICs need to be SR-IOV capable
  • RedHat 7 with virtualization support. See below for virtualization . Make sure libvirt is installed by executing virsh list which should return without errors. Python 2.7+ is needed to run the installation script vSphere 5.5 and 6.0.

Supported Images

KVM CloudEOS and vEOS image

File Name: EOS.qcow2

Details: Image Hard Disk that contains CloudEOS and vEOS. This file can grow as agents in CloudEOS and vEOS generates logs/traces, etc.