vEOS Router Startup-Configuration using Instance Custom-Data

Describes launch employing custom-data information.

During the initial launching of the vEOS Router Instance, Azure provides a feature to upload custom-data. The administrator can upload vEOS Router configuration using custom-data at the time of the launching of the vEOS Router Instance.

Custom-data can be used to pass in configuration for multiple entities. Currently, only the EOS configuration is supported in Azure. This configuration must be separated by start and end markers.



File Path

EOS CLI configuration file
Cloud HA configuration file

Note, the following regarding the custom-data.

  • Markers must be at the beginning of the line.
  • The user is expected to have tested the configurations on a live system before using the configurations to deploy the new vEOS Router. Mis-configuration may result in an unrecoverable instance.
  • EOS configuration for all interfaces can be passed in during deployment. The configuration takes effect as the new instances attach to the vEOS Router.