VXLAN Configuration

In the example below is a private IP which is configured in loopback 0 interface is used as VXLAN source interface.

switch(config)#interface loopback 0
switch(config-if-Lo0)#ip address
switch(config-if-Lo0)#interface vxlan1
switch(config-if-Vx1)#vxlan source-interface loopback 0
switch(config-if-Vx1)#vxlan udp-port 4789
switch(config-if-Vx1)#vxlan vrf vrf1 vni 100

BGP runs on the same loopback IP as VXLAN source interface IP. In the above example BGP runs on ips,, and on each peer.

For underlay routing add the remote peer routes via DPS interface and statically add an ARP entry for remote peer. In future versions of EOS the underlay routing also be handled by BGP.

switch(config)#ip route ethernet 100
switch(config)#ip route ethernet 100
switch(config)#arp 00:00:33:02:00:00 arpa
switch(config)#arp 00:00:33:03:00:00 arpa

The above configuration makes the peers reachable via DPS.