“We ran virtualised instances of the switches to speed up the development process. We could also take it on a laptop to show customers – EOS offered a full API which allows us to build a lot of features into our software stack that ultimately reduce the number of people involved and time taken to deliver the service.”

Andy Davidson, Asteroid Co-Founder

“Looking to the future, we are planning to upgrade our edge network to Arista7500 switches to allow us to benefit from more cost-effective connectivity and the advantage of having a single operating system across our architecture which makes management tasks easier and more efficient.”

Arnaud Fenioux, CTO at HOPUS

“We worked well as a team. We went from proof of concept to migrating nearly 95% of our infrastructure in just a few months without any unplanned outages and only minor issues that were quickly resolved through simple configuration changes.“

Andreas Hagin, lead engineer for infrastructure at Helvetia

“In the end, Arista was a very simple choice for us. Arista was a case where you could do everything and you got everything, which was really refreshing as they were not holding back. The sales cycle was good from start to finish.”

Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT for Taboola

“For us the future is a fully 100Gbps architecture, so our plan is to bring the next generation of Arista kit back into our labs and put it through its paces – and we know that behind us we have the Arista engineers and support team that are simply awesome!"

Dmitry Shemonaev, Head of NOC (Network Operations Center) for Qrator
.Qrator Labs

“Our technical guys were particularly impressed by the ease of management of Arista and during operation it has allowed us to make major changes that would typically take weeks in just a few days.”

Eldad Omer, Director of IT for Ayalon
.Ayalon Insurance

NEP Australia (NEP), one of Australia’s leading providers of outsourced broadcast production solutions, has entered into an agreement with Arista Networks, a leader in datacenter cloud networking, via leading supplier Professional Audio and Television (PAT), to provide core network infrastructure to NEP’s new production Hubs.
Full Release

“What Arista gives us is the software solution that allows us to build a living and breathing network and where it grows from this point onwards is in our own hands.”

Simon Woodhead, a technology innovator and CEO of Simwood

“As an industry first, there was a bit of a learning curve, but we had no issues with the Arista switch. One of the things we were concerned about was unlike a data center where a switch is always on, we have to deploy on a new site for every job and switching equipment on and off needs to be predictable and have reasonably quick startup - in this respect, the Arista switch is up and running in under 8 minutes which is faster than some of the other elements within the truck.”

Dan McDonnell, Managing Director and Founder
.Timeline Television

“We are doing some quite interesting and technical challenging things with the Arista switches and when we needed to speak to an Arista tech support, we would actually get an expert, not just somebody reading from a script – that was phenomenal.”

Tom Penrose, team lead for systems

“The performance of the Arista switches has exceeded our expectation and as the higher density design has allowed us to reduce our rack space and energy consumption.”

Thomas Mangin, technical director and co-founder of Exa Networks
.EXA Networks

“The Arista EOS is absolutely critical as it allows us to embed our custom software in each switch to detect and block issues like denial of service attacks and other threats in the most efficient manner.”

Joakim Sundberg, co-founder
.Baffin Bay Networks

“I really took a risk moving off the incumbent vendor, but it has more than paid off. The network is so stable I haven’t had to touch the network much in 3 years.”

Eric Perkins, Senior Network Engineer
.Littleton Regional Healthcare

“We weren’t just looking for a piece of hardware, we were looking for a partner. The impact of this project will affect not just us but research projects around the world and we were embarking on a bit of a journey of discovery.”

Dr Peter Clapham, Informatics Support Group Team Leader
.The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute selects Arista for innovative cloud-based infrastructure as a service platform to aid scientific breakthroughs

“We effectively process more transactions than the London Stock Exchanges combined and our development teams are continually working on a variety of projects that require our infrastructure to deliver both high performance and the ability to rapidly scale.”

Richard Haigh, Head of Delivery Enablement
.Paddy Power Betfair selects Arista Networks as the critical network layer in its transition to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service and DevOps focused environment

“We have the Arista platforms running operationally now for nearly five years and the performance along with the integration into our SDN architecture is phenomenal, but what is just as important is our relationship with the Arista team – this goes beyond just support, by providing us access to some incredibly knowledgeable people has allowed us to develop new features that have added some unique capabilities to the way we manage our cloud.”

Edwin Beekman, a Mission Critical Engineer
.Schuberg Philis selects Arista for its Mission Critical Cloud as part of a successful and ongoing journey to meet its 100% principle

“We selected Arista for its known performance and robustness. Being a proven technology in combination with the fact that it runs Linux provides us the flexibility we need in a switch platform supporting a fast changing technology such as OpenStack.”

Tjebbe de Winter, co-founder of Cyso
.Cyso selects Arista as critical foundation for low cost, reliable and scalable public cloud service.

"The decision to go with Arista also gave us an opportunity to revaluate our architecture and start to take advantage of extensibility features within the platform such as buffer monitoring, that offer us more visibility over traffic flow, and to take proactive capacity planning measures to avoid any future issues.”

Aaron White, Global Head of Networks for Options
.Options selects Arista to deliver ultra-low latency access to a diverse range of order execution and broker services for over 200 financial services firms.

"We looked at a number of options and only Arista’s implementation of universal spine plus FlexRoute offers us the performance benefits of deploying a traditional routing platform with cost savings and flexibility of a switching architecture. In terms of performance and reliability, the Arista solution has been faultless and integrated seamlessly with the other elements within our plant with enough density and headroom to allow us to scale to meet new business demands”

Gabriele Ubertini, Head of Technology Research and Engineering
.Sky Italia selects Arista for innovative transition to SDI over IP networking while delivering broadcast grade performance and resiliency.

“The architecture is designed to cope well with unanticipated issues and we have worked with a fantastically responsive team at Arista to do things which would normally be incredibly challenging with monolithic network operating system architecture - and crucially, while delivering the highest levels of performance and availability for the network.”

Oliver Gorwits, Head of Networks and Computer Security for ECMWF
.Arista Selected for ECMWF Critical and Extensible Network Infrastructure

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