“The advantage of the solution offered by Arista is a combination of MLAG functionality with very low packet latency, which is a very important feature when it comes to distributed calculations.”

Adam Padée, Head of the Computing Infrastructure Team at the Centre
.National Centre for Nuclear Research

“The Arista switches will allow us to work smarter not harder, and staff and students will certainly notice and benefit from the performance hike delivered by the upgrade.”

Sean Ashford, The University of Winchester’s Network and Systems Manager
.University of Winchester Case Study

“I’ve been building networks at AWE for 27 years. This project has been really exciting as it’s the first time we’ve set up a whole new network from scratch and implemented the latest state of the art equipment. Based on the commitments made to the business 12 months ago, working with Arista has meant we’ve achieved what we set out to do. Our requirements have certainly been met.”

Neil McMahon, Atomic Weapons Establishment’s Networking Manager for HPC
.AWE Case Study

"For the cost, density and performance we were looking for, we could find no other solution that got close to the level of the Arista switches. The move to Arista has led to a 6 to 8 times increase in throughput with a latency reduction."

Christian Marnitz, Head of Technology, Picturemaxx
.Picturemaxx Case Study

"I would say that Arista has the best technical support in the business. We got nothing but highly knowledgeable people at initial contact, and an excellent and honest sales staff, with no gray area or misunderstandings. It was an excellent decision to turn our network into an Arista data center."

Len Gedeon, Information Technical Consultant, Medical Mutual
.Medical Mutual Case Study


"We looked at the problem in a purely subjective fashion and it was clear with the requirement for lowest latency and high throughput, a solution built around Arista switches would offer a good fit – more so when you look at the progressive nature of Leonix and its rapid growth."

Sébastien Scuiereb, Commercial Director, VP Sales, Alyseo, on behalf of Leonix
.Leonix Case Study

"Cloudera Enterprise, the core of an enterprise data hub, gives our customers access to all their data whether structured or unstructured. It's the foundation for the next generation of data management infrastructure, and provides insights that haven't been possible until now. Arista's Map Reduce Tracer provides similar insights to network administrators in understanding network performance and big data workloads across a variety of large data center and computing environments offering us high availability, which is critical for our success."

Tor Amundson, Network Engineer, Cloudera

"NPL holds the time source of highest accuracy in the UK, participating in the UTC definition. NPL employs Arista 7150S high precision Ethernet switches to deliver its NPLTime® service, which offers a certified time distribution for the financial sector. NPL employs PTP across a network of Arista 7150S, selected for the accuracy of its hardware-based timestamping and OCXO, providing highly precise and stable PTP time distribution, hence preserving the highest precision timing towards the organizations and customers that receive a certified precise time signal, directly traceable to UTC and independent of GPS."

Dr. Leon Lobo, Business Development Manager (Time and Frequency), National Physical Laboratory

"The network is critical to maintaining the services our customers depend on. With Arista EOS and the Arista 7300 platform, we will be able to automate and program our network, ensuring high availability and uptime while also reducing our operational costs."

Steve Wesling, IT Operations/Network Manager, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc.

"On functionality, feature-set and price, Arista Networks 7000 Series switches had everything we needed."

John Killian, Chief Architect, AIS
.AIS Case Study

"The search was on for the right switch ... With our clients looking for us to provide revolutionary turnkey solutions, we needed to find an affordable 1U switch that was open, adaptive and extremely powerful. While cost, space and power consumption were important considerations, our primary concern was finding the best architectural solution. The Arista 7048 ticked all the boxes with non-blocking wire speed performance on all ports and extensibility built into the switch architecture."

Yoram Heller, VP of Corporate Development, Morphlabs
.Morphlabs Case Study

"Being the first cloud in Costa Rica was a great challenge for us, on one hand we had the customers’ requirements (high end switching, wire speed and support) and on the other the commitment to a green facility and thanks to the Arista solutions we accomplish both."

Gonzalo Berrocal Brenes, IT Director, Racsa
.Rasca Costa Rica Case Study

"The Arista team is always open to new ideas and exploring new ways of distributing market data and supporting our customers with the latest in financial trading and Ethernet technologies. Working together, we will create a completely new class and category of product for the financial industry."

Steve McNeany, President of ACTIV Financial Systems
.Activ Financial Case Study


"The Arista switches, with their leading port density, low power and robust software allowed us to meet the high standards that our customers demand from our social networking service."

Neal Sato CTO, MIXI, Inc.
.Mixi Case Study


"Alatum is pleased to work with Arista Networks to deliver cloud computing services. The scalability, reliability and performance of our Alatum cloud services powered by HP and Arista Networks will enable businesses to be more agile, reduce their operating costs significantly and operate more productively."

Alvin Kok, SingTel’s Head of Infocomm Services.


"StumbleUpon has been experiencing sustained traffic growth typical of large social networks and Arista was able to provide the most efficient and scalable datacenter networking platform. The low power consumption and high density of Arista’s switches is unmatched by the competition."

Japjit Tulsi, Vice President of Engineering at StumbleUpon

Chicago Board Options Exchange,

"As the largest U.S. options exchange and creator of listed options, the Chicago Board of Exchange requires a network infrastructure that delivers the low latency and non blocking performance that our high volume trading environments demand. Arista's high performance modular and top of rack 10 Gb switching solutions meet CBOE stringent trading operations requirements by delivering one of the lowest latency exchange trading infrastructures in the marketplace."

Curt Schumaker, CTO/Vice President-Systems Operations, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc.


CGGVeritas is a recognized leader in seismic data processing and imaging services with a worldwide network of 29 open and 12 dedicated seismic processing centers."Our data processing applications in these centers operate in high-performance compute clusters which demand low latency, and high bandwidth from the network. Arista's networking solutions delivered on these key requirements. By working with Arista we've developed a more efficient 10 GbE seismic processing center architecture with the ability to scale to 40 Gb and beyond." Doug Northrup - Manager, Global Network Group, CGGVeritas Services

SCSK Corporation

"As we looked to create the finest Cloud Services offering to our customers, we wanted to build this on best of breed products. Arista has proven to be truly best of breed with their 10GbE switches. The combination of port density, low power consumption and robust high quality software is the best product we tested."

Kenji Mukai Executive Officer, General Manager, IT Architect Solution Div., SCSK Corporation

"With data transaction volumes regularly exceeding that of Twitter, Flurry looked to Arista Networks’ switching solutions to significantly and cost-effectively increase performance and reduce latency of our network. As we plan to add hundreds of servers over the next two quarters, the addition of Arista’s 10 gigabit switches offers an unbeatable ROI, and positions Flurry for unparalleled performance."

Sean Byrnes, Chief Technology Officer, Flurry
.Flurry Chooses Arista Networks to Support Unprecedented Growth

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