Arista Networks: Preparing your Infrastructure for IP Multicast and VXLAN

March 15, 2012

VXLAN, NVGRE, and other protocols often require multicast for conversational learning in the absence of a controller. Many customers are not yet familiar with how to deploy and scale production grade multicast deployments. In the past 10 years multicast has become a standard feature in financial services and service provider video/content distribution networks, but still has not made its way into the Enterprise mainstream. In this webinar Hugh Holbrook, author of many IP Multicast RFCs including SSM, will discuss designing and deploying IP Multicast, where IP Multicast technologies are heading, and how the operational management of IP Multicast case has been evolving.



Anshul Sadana, Senior VP, Arista Networks &

Featured Speaker

Hugh Holbrook, Director, Software Engineering, Arista Networks

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