Disk Expansion and Conversion For CloudVision VM


CloudVision VMs virtual disks are shipped in qcow2 format with by default, a data disk size of 1TB. For better scale and performance, it is recommended that the virtual disks be converted to raw format, and data disk expanded to a size more appropriate to the expected cale. At max scale supported today we recommend a 4.5TB /data disk.

The tool can be run as /cva/scripts/cvaDiskUtil.py. It supports three commands:
  • status - Display current CloudVision VMs virtual disk information and information about the partition where the VM is placed.



  • makeraw - Convert qcow2 format virtual disks in CloudVision VM to raw format.


    /cva/scripts/cvaDiskUtil.py makeraw [--quiet]

  • expand - Increase size of /data virtual disk in CloudVision VM.

    /cva/scripts/cvaDiskUtil.py expand [--disk-size DISK_SIZE] DISK_SIZE can be in KB, MB, GB or TB

Note: makeraw and expand commands will stop and start cvp VM.