LCD Panel Features

The system's LCD panel provides system information and status and error messages to indicate if the system is operating correctly or if the system needs attention.

The LCD back-light lights blue during normal operating conditions.

When the system needs attention, the LCD lights amber and displays an error code followed by descriptive text.

Note: If the system is connected to a power source and an error is detected, the LCD lights amber regardless of whether the system is turned on or off.

The LCD back-light turns OFF when the system is in standby mode and can be turned on by pressing either the Select, Left, or Right button on the LCD panel.

The LCD back-light remains OFF if LCD messaging is turned off through the iDRAC utility, the LCD panel, or other tools.

Figure 1: LCD Panel Features


Table 1. LCD Panel Features Description
Item Button Description
1 Left Moves the cursor back in one-step increments.
2 Select Selects the menu item highlighted by the cursor.
3 Right Moves the cursor forward in one-step increments.
During message scrolling:
  • Press once to increase scrolling speed.
  • Press again to return to the default scrolling speed.
  • Press again to repeat the cycle.
  • Press again to stop.