Power Supply Unit Indicator Codes

AC power supply units (PSUs) have an illuminated translucent handle that serves as an indicator. The indicator shows whether power is present or if a power fault has occurred.

Figure 1: Power Supply unit Indicators
  1. AC PSU status indicator/handle.
Table 1. AC PSU Status Indicator CodesThis table describes the AC PSU status indicators and what condition is the PSU when the power indicator light is green, blinking green, blinking amber, and when it is not illuminated.
Power Indicator Codes Condition
Green A valid power source is connected to the PSU, and the PSU is operational.
Blinking amber Indicates a problem with the PSU.
Not illuminated Power is not connected to the PSU.
Blinking green When the firmware of the PSU is being updated, the PSU handle blinks green.
CAUTION: Do not disconnect the power cord or unplug the PSU when updating the firmware. If the firmware update is interrupted; the PSUs do not function.
Blinking green and turns off When hot-plugging a PSU, the PSU handle blinks green five times at a rate of 4 Hz and turns off. This indicates a PSU mismatch concerning efficiency, feature set, health status, or supported voltage.
CAUTION: If two PSUs are installed, both the PSUs must have the same type of label; for example, Extended Power Performance (EPP) label. Mixing PSUs from previous generations of PowerEdge servers is not supported, even if the PSUs have the same power rating. This results in a PSU mismatch condition or failure to turn the system on.
CAUTION: When correcting a PSU mismatch, replace only the PSU with the blinking indicator. Swapping the PSU to make a matched pair can result in an error condition and unexpected system shutdown. To change from a high output configuration to a low output configuration or vice versa, you must turn off the system.
CAUTION: AC PSUs support both 240 V and 120 V input voltages except for Titanium PSUs, which support only 240 V. When two identical PSUs receive different input voltages, they can output different wattage, and trigger a mismatch.
CAUTION: If two PSUs are used, they must be of the same type and have the same maximum output power.