Site Selection

Read the safety instructions in your Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information booklet before you begin.

The following criteria should be considered when selecting a site to install the appliance:

  • Before you begin, review the safety instructions located at
  • Begin installing the rails in the allotted space that is closest to the bottom of the rack enclosure.
  • Other Requirements: Select a site where liquids or objects cannot fall onto the equipment and foreign objects are not drawn into the ventilation holes. Verify these guidelines are met:
    • Clearance areas to the front and rear panels allow for unrestricted cabling.
    • All front and rear panel indicators can be easily read.
    • Power cords can reach from the power outlet to the connector on the rear panel.
Note: All power connections must be removed to de-energize the unit.
Note: This unit is intended for installation in restricted access areas.