Upgrade the Host Image

Arista provides an executable that will update all packages in the CVA.

Note: This process re-boots the entire system.

Single Node CloudVision Appliance

To upgrade a single node CVA, perform all the steps listed in Steps to Upgrade the CVA. After the CVA host comes up, and after rebooting the system from the last step of upgrade, allow 20 minutes for the CVP application to be accessible again.

Multi-Node CloudVision Appliance

Perform a rolling upgrade to update the CVA systems in multi-node configuration. Perform all the steps listed in section Steps to Upgrade the CVA from the start to finish on only one of the CVAs at a time. After the upgrade, wait for all the VMs, (CVP and CVX) to be fully up and running (CVP takes 20 minutes to be up from reboot). Verify that the CVP is accessible. After the verification, proceed to upgrade the second CVA host in a similar fashion and then the third CVA.

Note: Process only one CVA upgrade at a time in a multi-node system.