Ceiling Mount the Access Point

Mounting the access point (AP) on the ceiling consists of the following steps:

  1. Affix the bracket to the T -grid: Use the mounting bracket to install the AP on the ceiling. Fix the bracket to the T-grid and rotate the bracket so that it snaps on the T-grid. The bracket is now parallel to an arm of the T-grid. Ensure that the bracket is properly snapped to the T-grid, as shown below.
  2. Mounting the AP on the bracket: Place the first mounting post on the rear-side of the AP on to the lower notch of the bracket. Rotate the AP such that the center mounting post fits in to the center notch on the bracket. Ensure that all the mounting posts on the rear-side of the AP are snapped in to the respective notches on the bracket. The mounting posts now properly fit in the respective notches of the bracket and the AP is mounted properly.
    Mounting Instructions using the Silhouette/Interlude Bracket Mount: The Silhouette/Interlude mounting bracket is not a part of the standard package and must be procured separately. The mounting instructions for the Silhouette/Interlude Bracket Mount are similar to the Standard Package Content's mounting instructions.
    Note: You should label the APs using MAC addresses or your own convention. For example, use serial numbers, so that you can easily identify the APs.