Wall Mount the Access Point

Note: The wall mounting accessory SKU can be ordered and purchased separately.
Mounting the access point (AP) on a wall consists of the following steps:
  1. Drill four mounting holes in the wall, as shown below.
    Table 1. Labels: Dimensions to drill holes
    Label Description
    1 46 mm
    2 83.4 mm
    3 Diameter: 6.5 mm, Depth: 30 mm
  2. Insert four anchors.
  3. Affix the mounting bracket on the wall.
  4. Attach the AP to the mounting bracket. Pull the release key outward. Attach the AP stubs to the bracket holder, ensuring a firm fit.
  5. Once attached, push in the release key to lock the hooks and make sure all the hooks are locked in place.
  6. Fasten the release key screw with a tamper-resistant T10 torx screwdriver to lock the AP to the bracket.