W-118 Troubleshooting

The table below lists some of the troubleshooting guidelines for W-118.
Table 1.
Diagnosis Solution
The device did not receive a valid IP address via the DHCP. Ensure that the DHCP server is On and available on the VLAN/subnet to which the device is connected. If the device still fails to get a valid IP address, you can reboot it to see if the problem is resolved.
The Ethernet cable is loose. The device is probably disconnected from the network. Ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected.
Unable to connect to the server. Ensure that the server is running and is reachable from the network to which the device is attached. If there is a firewall or a router with ACLs enabled between the device and the server, ensure that the traffic is allowed on UDP port 3851. Use the server IP-based discovery and ensure that you have correctly entered the DNS name, wifi-security-server , on the DNS server. Also, ensure that the DNS server IP addresses are either correctly configured on the, or are provided by the DHCP server. It is also possible that the AP is unable to connect to the server because it has failed to authenticate with the server. In this case, an 'Authentication failed for ' event is raised on the server. Refer to the event for recommended action.
The AP has encountered a problem. If you are using Arista Cloud Services, then open the TCP port 443 (SSL). If you have an on-premises installation, then open the ports UDP 3851 and port 80. If you are using a Proxy, Web Accelerator or URL Content Filter in between the AP and the Internet, ensure the settings allow communication between the AP and Arista Cloud Services. If your configuration requires you to specify an exact IP address or IP range for Arista Cloud Services, please contact Technical Support.