Administrative Groups (AG) provide a way to associate certain attributes or policies with links, enabling network administrators to control the routing decisions based on specific criteria. Extended Administrative Groups (EAG) are an extension of AG which allow a larger range of admin groups to be utilized for various Traffic Engineering (TE) purposes within a network.

This feature enables the user to configure a list or range of BGP attributes to be ignored by the router on receipt of a BGP update message. The BGP attributes are discarded from the BGP update message, and unless the action of discarding an attribute causes the update message to trigger error handling, then the update message is parsed as normal.

Stale routes are learned routes from adjacent BGP neighbors whose neighborship has been interrupted by session instability. This feature adds a mechanism to specify a stale policy route-map for which the stale routes from a gracefully restarting, or depending on the configuration of the feature, a non-gracefully restarting BGP peer will be processed.