ISIS Leaked Route Summarization is a feature which summarizes all the L1 leaked routes in L2 routers. With the help of this L2 LSP size reduces (smaller no of routes in L2 LSP). 

Routing Isis Redistribution EOS 4.29.1F

This feature allows routes that were leaked from one VRF (the source VRF) into another VRF (the destination VRF) using

BGP Redistribution 4.23.2F VrfLeak

When there are multiple VRFs on the device and there is a need to share routes between them, typically for shared

VRF Route leaking can be used when routes from one VRF are required in another VRF (e.g. in case of shared services). If VrfLeak Agent is being used to leak routes, the leaked routes (in destination VRF) can be redistributed into IGPs.

Routing Control Functions (RCF) is a language that can express route filtering and attribute modification logic in a powerful and programmatic fashion.The document covers: Configurations of a RCF function for BGP points of application

Currently EOS supports redistribution into BGP at the global (instance) level. Also EOS supports redistribution in

EOS 4.23.0F adds support for redistributing DHCPv6 routes in IS IS when using the multi agent routing protocol mode.

EOS 4.23.0F adds support for ‘match ip next hop’ clause for static routes redistributed into IGPs.