Arista Cognitive Unified Edge (CUE) Delivering Integrated Wi-Fi, Wired and Security for Commercial Enterprises
April 14, 2022

Commercial businesses have highly constrained IT budgets and staff, yet still are confronted with the same challenges larger organizations have- multiple Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN network monitoring and management solutions that don’t interconnect, rapid problem identification, mediation and resolution, and protection from increasing cyber threats. Arista’s CUE is built for commercial business users as an optimal edge as a service solution to this dilemma. CV-CUE provides plug and play management with built-in zero touch automation, visibility and security.

In this webinar, learn how Arista’s Cognitive Unified Edge simplifies commercial business network deployments with a unified management platform delivering plug and play wired, wireless, and wan infrastructure while delivering a consistent customer experience, service activation, consistent security posture and automated problem resolutions.