Network applications for Arista's 7130 FPGA-based devices use the flexible hardware within the 7130 platform to perform tasks that were previously impossible in a network switch. Arista's own applications as well as third party partner applications are installed and configured in the same way as other software extensions for MOS and EOS.

Customers or developers who have the capability, can take advantage of Arista's deep experience in FPGA application development, and use the Arista Development Kits to develop their own custom apps.

Arista 7130 Applications

Arista's 7130 applications simplify and transform network infrastructure, and are targeted for use cases including ultra-low latency exchange trading, accurate and lossless network visibility, and providing vendor or broker based shared services. They enable a complete lifecycle of packet replication, multiplexing, filtering, timestamping, aggregation and capture.

Application Overview Key Features Use it for...
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Advanced network monitoring
  • Tapping
  • Large scale, lossless tap aggregation
  • Multi-port data capture
  • Sub-nanosecond precise time stamping
  • Deep buffering (32 GB)
  • In-depth network monitoring and visibility
  • Improved network reliability & troubleshooting problems
  • Market data & packet capture
  • Accurate latency measurement & monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance (MiFID II - RTS 25)
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Low-latency multiplexing
  • Data aggregation in 39 nanoseconds
  • Deterministic jitter
  • Packet statistics
  • BGP & PIM support
  • Ultra-low latency network connectivity for trading
  • Market data fan-out and data aggregation for order entry at nanosecond levels
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Connection sharing with enhanced security
  • Low-latency multiplexing and security
  • ACL-based configurable filtering
  • Easy to deploy data privacy for connection sharing
  • Simplified footprint for both mux and filtering applications
  • 10/1G Speed Conversion
  • Secure network connection sharing
  • Providing sponsored access to multiple clients
  • Multi tenant exchange access
  • Low latency interconnect sharing
  • Supporting Colo deployments with multiple concurrent exchange connection
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Low-latency packet filtering in 135ns
  • 48 x 10GbE port network appliance for packet filtering in parallel between port-pairs
  • Cut-through filtering via 32 ACLs with up to 510 rules per ACL
  • Architected for ultra-low-latency with packets passing an ACL being forwarded in 135ns or less
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Low-latency firewall
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Inline timestamping enables exchange fairness
  • Timestamp at the edge of trading venue networks
  • Sub-200ns passthrough latency to apply the timestamp
  • Reliable accuracy and timestamp precision
  • Accurately synchronise timestamps between multiple ExchangeApp devices
  • Increase exchange fairness
  • Reduce trading venue latency sensitivity
  • Maintain trade order based on edge timestamps
  • Reduce complexity and risk of traditional low latency exchange infrastructures
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Low latency Layer 2 switching
  • Full-featured 1/10/25/40G Layer 2 switching, implemented in FPGA
  • Ultra-low latency packet forwarding in 94-150ns
  • EOS as well as Layer 1 integration
  • Non-blocking bandwidth profiles to provide up to 480 Gbps
  • Exchange-facing connectivity
  • L2 Multicast pub/sub

Arista 7130 Partner Applications

Several tried & tested integrations exist via our technology partners. We enable our partners to deliver value and differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace. Joint innovation has proven to generate powerful complementary solutions that run on the 7130 platform and offer clients additional capabilities: optimized analytics, data capture solutions, and more. Arista 7130 Partner Applications



EnyxSeveral Enyx products and applications are delivered using the Arista 7130 platform. Enyx develops ultra-low latency, FPGA-based solutions for a wide range of financial technology applications, including market data distribution, order execution, and network connectivity management.


Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI)

Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI)Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI) delivers an IP-flow monitoring solution for the Media and Entertainment industry utilizing FPGAs. IWI's system processes data with low latency and high throughput; such as credit card authentication / fraud detection system and feed handlers.