Arista develops FPGA applications based on a mature set of network logic IP, and licenses the IP as 'IP Cores' for use on the Arista 7130 platform.

These are supported, proven building blocks that reduce the time to implement your custom network applications.

Core Overview Use it for...

An IP core for interfacing 10 gigabit Ethernet with low latency.

  • Implements a low latency Ethernet MAC and Physical layer (10GBASE-R)
  • Connects directly to FPGA top level serial transceiver pins and provides separate AXI4 interfaces for RX and TX user data
  • Supports Xilinx Virtex® 7, Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™, and Virtex® UltraScale+™ FPGA's.
  • Accelerating your own applications access to the 10G network
Mux IP Core
  • Implements the same functionality as the Arista MetaMux application.
  • Allows for customizable radix and number of multiplexing cores e.g. one 4:1, plus a 13:1, plus a 14:1, etc
  • Sharing the FPGA between the mux functionality and your own application
  • Building a multiplexing app with different configurations than the standard MetaMux application.

Provides a bus that leverages parallel I/O between FPGAs on the 7130 triple FPGA platforms

  • 8 ns intra FPGA latency
  • Provides a low latency clock domain crossing FIFO
  • Supports four MMP links connecting each Leaf FPGA to the Central FPGA and two MMP links connecting the two Leaf FPGAs together
  • The lowest latency, parallel communications bus for your multi FPGA applications
  • The fastest way to involve two FPGAs in a trading decision such as "splitting risk logic from trading logic".
Timestamp IP Core (TS IPCore)

Provides a timestamping and synchronisation engine, implemented as a combination of an encrypted RTL core, with a python based synchronisation daemon.

When instantiated in a design, the RTL core and software combination allows the system's OCXO to be synchronised to a PPS, PTP or NTP source.

Multiple timestamper units can be instantiated to sample asynchronous strobes, providing nanosecond-precise timestamps within the RTL.

The TS IP Core solution has the following specifications:

  • 1ns timestamp resolution with a +/- 2ns precision
  • Configurable triggering
  • Integrating accurate timestamping into your own apps, without having to build and calibrate synchronisation infrastructure.
  • Utilising precisely synchronised frequencies for video or other synchronous systems.