Awake Labs

Arista’s Awake Labs brings the expertise necessary to enable security resilience and effective breach response across data center, campus, IoT and cloud networks. Organizations today must be in a position to answer the following questions:

  • Are we breached?
  • Are we ready?
  • Are we resilient?

The services offered by Awake Labs help you answer these questions with confidence by combining human expertise with tried-and-tested methodologies and Awake’s advanced AI-driven network detection and response platform.

How Can Awake Labs Help?

Improve Breach Response Resiliency: As both attacker behaviors and the organization’s attack surface change, Awake Labs helps plan and mature the breach response capability.

  • Breach Response Maturity Assessment – Review the incident / breach response program against standards such as NIST, SANS, ISO/IEC, and CREST and build a roadmap for improvement.
  • Program Development – Develop or enhance policies and plans customized to work within the constraints of the organization.
  • Playbooks – Define cross-functional response playbooks tailored to the organization’s processes and technology stack.

Gain Visibility & Reduce Impact: Ensure the organization has the right skills and tools on-call to quickly identify, understand, contain, and remediate incidents and help reduce breach impact.

  • Attack Surface Assessment – Identify current and past intrusions including potential insider threats, the true attack surface that needs to be defended and weakness in the organization’s security posture.
  • Breach Response Retainer – Be prepared with upfront contracts, defined service level agreements (SLAs) and the ability to repurpose unused hours.
  • Emergency Breach Response Services – Reduce breach impact with Awake Labs expertise, analytics and intelligence across campus, data center, cloud and IoT infrastructure.

Build a Culture of Security: Leverage the experts in Awake Labs who have decades of experience to plan, build, implement and guide the organization’s security program, empower the business and achieve specific and measurable results.

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO) – Access management level resources to drive and sustain the security program, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.
  • Business Enablement Services – Augment the existing security team with hard to find skills such as threat hunting, incident response and digital forensics.

Breach Response

Not all breach response is the same! The experts at Arista’s Awake Labs understand this first-hand having responded to many of the world’s most consequential breaches. Engage with this team to help you mitigate the impact of threats such as:

Ransomware: Responding to ransomware involves far more than the typical technical challenges of breach response. The victim has little time to consider the ransom payment, potential information disclosure as well as notification processes and reputation management.

Awake Labs’ experts can help expedite containment, remediation and recovery while keeping the attacker out in the future. This team of professionals can also support customers in their engagements with law enforcement and cyber insurance.

Insider Threat: To lock out, monitor, and stop an insider while building the right case for the authorities takes deep forensic expertise and the right tools. If done wrong, this can easily escalate as the insider realizes they might be discovered.

Awake Labs uses a variety of techniques to contain and remediate insider threats: from stealth agents on suspect devices to hunting for persistence mechanisms. Awake Labs’ experts have also worked with law enforcement to ensure strong legal cases and provide expert witness testimony.

Business Email Compromise (BEC): According to the FBI, BEC “is one of the most financially damaging online crimes.” These attackers often establish strong footholds and responding to these breaches therefore requires a disciplined approach that identifies not just the end impact but also the attacker’s foothold.

Whether the compromise involves direct deposit and payment modifications, man-in-the-middle wire transfers or intellectual property theft, Awake Labs has experts to track down the threat, identify patient zero, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

Why Awake Labs?

Arista’s Awake Labs offers comprehensive security strategy, operations, and advisory solutions focused on the customer’s unique breach response needs. This team collectively has more than 200 years of security experience, including responding to some of the most significant breaches in the world.

Unmatched Visibility

  • Understand the entire attack surface across campus, data center, cloud and IoT with a single partner and solution.
  • Detect and respond to threats on third-party, contractor and other unmanaged devices


  • Benefit from the combination of hands-on breach response skills, executive management experience, and strategic business acumen
  • Partner with professionals that are industry-renowned speakers, university faculty and trainers

Advanced Technology

  • Access an AI-driven platform that hunts for insider and external threats, including those unique to the organization
  • Leverage Ava, the world’s first cybersecurity expert system for global and vertical-specific intelligence