Parts List


Each appliance provides an accessory kit that contains parts that are required to install the appliance. This section lists the installation parts contained in the appliance accessory kit.

1. Back brackets (2) 4. Power cable
2. Mounting brackets (2) 5. Racking mounting screws (10)
3. Mounting rails (2) 6. Appliance mounting screws (6)
The CCA-ETM-Q12 package includes:
  • Power cable.
  • Rack mounting hardware.
  • The CCA-ETM-Q12 appliance.
The installation kit provides the following four-post mounting parts:
  • 2 front mounting brackets (left and right).
  • 2 rails (left and right).
  • 6 screws for the front mounting brackets.
  • 10 screws to attach the side rails to the chassis and the back plates to the rails.
  • 2 back plates (left and right).