Configuring the Appliance

Getting Started

You can manage your appliance via Edge Threat Management Dashboard or from the local network.

From Edge Threat Management Dashboard
  1. Navigate your web browser to

  2. Log in with your Edge Threat Management Dashboard account, or click Create Account to set up an account.

  3. Navigate to the Appliances screen and click Add.

  4. Enter the serial number located on the bottom of your appliance.

  5. Click Add to confirm the new appliance.
  6. Complete the initial setup to begin managing your appliance.
From the local network
  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from your management computer or LAN appliance to the LAN port.

  2. From your management computer, check the network status of your system and confirm that you receive an IPv4 address in the subnet of (e.g.

  3. In a browser, navigate to

  4. Follow the steps in your browser to complete the setup.