802.1X is an IEEE standard protocol that prevents unauthorized devices from gaining access to the network.


This feature adds support for “Enhanced Route Refresh” capability (RFC7313). An enhanced route refresh is,

The BGP-LS extension to be obsoleted allows IGP (OSPF/IS-IS) link state database information to be injected into BGP. This is typically used in deployments where some external component, (like a controller or Path Computation Engine) can do centralized path computations by learning the entire IGP topology through BGP-LS. The controller can then communicate the computed paths based on the BGP-LS updates to the head end device in the network. 

The BGP graceful restart mechanism has a limitation that the graceful restart time cannot exceed 4095 seconds as per

Route Cache is a feature where users can configure Static EVPN VXLAN routes beyond the hardware capacity. The

7170 4.24.2F EOS 4.24.2F RouteCache

Dynamic NAT is a feature which dynamically allocates an IP address to an incoming or outgoing flow. This address will replace source or destination IP for all packets of the flow.