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Arista Runs Barefoot With Tofino Programmable Switch Chips June 12, 2018

If Andy Bechtolsheim, the chief technology officer at datacenter switching upstart Arista Networks, wanted to design ASICs to try to take a bigger piece of the switch pie – or more precisely, thought that this was a good idea at all – rest assured, Arista would be spending money engineering its own chips and fighting for capacity at the four remaining foundries that have advanced processes.

World’s Best CEOs: Growth Leaders May 28, 2018

Ullal operates less like a traditional Silicon Valley CEO and more like the leader of a talented theater troupe that has been working together for a long time. Her personal administrator has been with her for 17 years, and her communications director for nearly 30. Some members of her executive team have been colleagues for 25 years, dating back to her days at Cisco Systems, today Arista Networks’ archrival.

Arista Takes Aim at Cisco May 12, 2018

The Cisco connection is significant, because last week, Arista announced it will enter that company’s most dominant franchise: switches that connect computers on typical corporate networks, known collectively as “campus” networks. Arista’s success or failure could determine whether its pricey shares can continue to rise.

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Arista 7170 Series Programmable Platform Hugh Holbrook and Nick McKeown

The Arista 7170 Series of programmable switches combine high performance with a fully programmable pipeline for a range of flexible solutions at both the spine and leaf tiers. The 7170 Series allow the data plane to be customized using EOS and P4 profiles to address multiple use-cases for Cloud, Enterprise, Service Provider and Content Networks.