Changing the IPMI Password

Changing the Password through the IPMI Web Interface

  1. Under iDRAC Settings, go to User Authentication. The User Authentication page appears.
    Figure: User Authentication page

  2. Click the User ID number of the root account. The Configure User radio button should already be checked.
  3. Click Next. The page appears, showing options for changing passwords.
    Figure: Changing the Password

  4. Select the Change Password checkbox.
  5. Enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes.
  6. Click Apply to apply the password change.
    Figure: Apply the Password Change

  7. Logout, and then login through the iDRAC GUI to verify the change.

Changing the Password through the CLI

Resetting the iDRAC password can be done using the command line tool, racadm.

  1. Telnet or SSH into the Host IP.
  2. Execute the following commands to change the iDRAC password.
    Figure: Changing the Password through the CLI