CloudVision Worksheet


  1. Locate the MAC addresses for the CloudVision appliance, see Locate the MAC Addresses for the CloudVision Appliance.
  2. The information tag is a slide-out label panel which contains system information such as Service Tag, NIC, and MAC address for your reference.
  3. DHCP Server Entries: Using the IDRAC MAC and HOST NIC1 MAC, input entries into the DHCP Server on Subnet1 for DHCP assigning above IDRAC IP and HOST IP addresses to those MACs. (iDRAC uses NIC1 for its network connectivity.)
  4. DNS Server Entries: Input the Host and CVP Hostname/IP entry into your network DNS Server as shown in Setup Steps for Single Node CVP or Setup Steps for Multi-node CVP Cluster.
    Note: CVP IP will not be DHCP configured, it will be statically configured.
    Figure: Management Subnet

    Figure: Worksheet