Disk Expansion and Conversion For CloudVision VM

Cloud Vision VMs virtual disks are shipped in qcow2 format and the data disk size is 1TB by default. For better scale and performance, it is recommended that the virtual disks be converted to raw format and data disk expanded to a size more appropriate to the expected scale. At max scale supported today, we recommend a 4.5TB /data disk.

The tool can be run as /cva/scripts/cvaDiskUtil.py. It supports three commands:

status - Display current CloudVision VMs virtual disk information and information about the partition where the VM is placed.
makeraw - Convert qcow2 format virtual disks in CloudVision VM to raw format.
/cva/scripts/cvaDiskUtil.py makeraw [--quiet]
expand - Increase size of /data virtual disk in CloudVision VM.
/cva/scripts/cvaDiskUtil.py expand [--disk-size DISK_SIZE]
DISK_SIZE can be in KB, MB, GB or TB
Note: makeraw and expand commands will stop and start CVP VM.