Data-driven cloud networking uses an open approach to cloud networking around a single consistent software platform, the Arista EOS® network stack, and network data lake architecture (NetDL™), with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to automation and security challenges.

Arista cloud networking extends the guiding principles of cloud-scale operators into a portfolio of cloud networking solutions serving data center, hybrid cloud, campus, wide area, and low-latency environments. These principles include the use of open APIs, programmability at every layer, cloud automation, self-service zero-touch provisioning, and a standards-based Universal Cloud Network (UCN) deployment architecture.

Featured Video: Arista Networks Introducing EOS Network Data Lake (NetDL)

Cloud networking innovations started with a pioneering new software platform, the Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS®), which provides switching, routing, state-streaming and telemetry functions across all Arista platforms. Arista EOS established a new standard in networking for large-scale cloud operators, opened the door to the widespread adoption of merchant silicon hardware in networks, and provided dramatic decreases in deployment and operating costs while delivering unprecedented reliability for service providers, enterprises, broadcasters and others.

NetDL - EOS Network Data Lake

The Arista EOS network stack architecture provides a foundation for consolidation of streamed device state, telemetry, packet, flow, alert, sensor and third-party data into an aggregated Network Data Lake (Arista EOS NetDL™). Arista EOS NetDL consolidates diverse datasets required for effectively applying AI/ML methods in NetOps and SecOps environments, and it presents a single API surface for access to network and network-related data for enhancing Arista and third-party applications.


Attributes of EOS NetDL:

  • Key to harvesting intelligent decisions and insights from all available data even when exposed and transmitted in massive amounts and in many forms and contexts.
  • Engineered from the ground up on our existing EOS state-sharing and streaming approaches – NetDL establishes EOS as the foundation of an intelligent data-driven network and a data-centric network operating platform.
  • Combines continuous large-scale data collection, pre-processing analysis, and enrichment using state-of-the-art machine learning and AI-driven correlation methods.
  • Allows algorithms to find patterns to apply predictive analytics and present prescriptive solutions to complex problems.
  • Enables an ecosystem of third-party applications and tools to feed into and consume enriched data.

Arista AVA - AI and Machine Learning

Arista Autonomous Virtual Assist (Arista AVA™) is Arista’s AI technology. Utilizing machine learning and other AI technologies, it augments all aspects of pervasive visibility, continuous threat detection, and enforcement. AVA is extensible across many other operational use cases. For example, AVA can address challenges in Network Detection and Response (NDR), Quality of Experience (QoE) management, and proactive NetOps. Combined with distributed network-wide state and telemetry data, distributed sensor networks, and third-party data sources in NetDL, it can drive automation and extensibility in network design to a new and unprecedented level and can dramatically reduce the burden of securing and supporting networks.


CloudVision® is Arista’s turnkey network operation, automation, and visibility platform. It provides rich functionality that is useful across the entire enterprise, using the same state-sharing architecture and APIs used by EOS NetDL. CloudVision provides leadership domain-specific features in a data center, campus wired and wireless, and cloud networks and helps enterprises to simplify network operations by breaking down traditional network management silos.

Arista CI Pipeline

The Arista CI Pipeline provides an advanced CI environment for managing network operations. It is built upon the Arista CloudVision platform, and Arista Validated Designs (AVD), and adds additional features and integrations to simplify and enhance network automation.

Solution Ecosystem

Arista AVA and NetDL also enable a cloud networking ecosystem of Arista strategic partners and ISVs to deliver market and customer-specific intelligent insights and solutions for automation via continuous integration pipelines, media and entertainment, cyber-security, application and network performance monitoring, and other categories.

“As enterprises continue to digitally transform, data drives business decisions and automation. Arista’s new initiative to embrace third party data models and integrations with NetDL is an innovative approach to create an ecosystem around decision making. We look forward to Arista’s plan to leverage Platform Equinix® to execute their vision with agility and scale reaching our more than 10,000 customers across the more than 230 data centers on our trusted global platform.”

Matt Leonard, Senior Director, Technology Partner Program at Equinix

"Microsoft is excited about partnering with Arista Networks - we see continued partnerships and innovations like these in networking and cybersecurity enabling Microsoft to provide new services and capabilities to our customers.”

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance and Identity at Microsoft

palo alto networks
"Palo Alto Networks and Arista have a long history of technical collaboration - from joint integrations in public clouds, to secure edge routing architectures, firewall acceleration and interoperable segmentation models. Continuing this partnership’s evolution and building on top of Arista’s EOS Network Data Lake will deliver historical flow tracking capabilities allowing us to visualize threat vectors and actively manage the protected surface of distributed assets with systems like XSOAR for threat intelligence."

Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer at Palo Alto Networks

red hat
“We are pleased to collaborate with Arista on the development of Arista Validated Designs - a fully tested, templatized and automated data center deployment and testing model that integrates Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform with Arista CloudVision and EOS. Along with the certified Ansible Content Collections for Arista, IT teams can better simplify and accelerate EVPN/VXLAN based network deployments, as well as native connectors between Ansible Automation Platform and Arista EOS and Arista CloudVision.”

Thomas Anderson, Vice President, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform at Red Hat

“Arista’s integration between the EOS Stack Architecture and Slack simplifies teamwork and collaboration in network operations by allowing realtime and historical access to network state and operating characteristics through collaborative Slack interfaces. Bringing together people, systems, and data is the future of work.”

Slack Technologies, LLC, a Salesforce company

"A partnership between the Splunk full-stack Observability Cloud, which empowers IT, DevOps, and Security, with Arista’s EOS NetDL that provides contextualized network packet, flow, and state data, together will harmonize multiple IT disciplines and help enterprises deliver far better operational outcomes for end-users and the overall organization’s digital experience.”

Bill Hustad, Splunk’s vice president of alliances and channel ecosystems

"Data-driven observability and security are cornerstones of the modern network. Data makes networking and security more effective and easier to operate," said Umesh Mahajan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, NSX, VMware. "Our decade-long partnership with Arista has delivered countless innovations for the software-defined data center and now multi-cloud environments. We're extending that collaboration to enable our mutual customers to take advantage of a new generation of data-driven networking spanning any environment to improve operations and reduce risk.”

Umesh Mahajan, SVP and General Manager at VMware

"Arista and Zoom share a common vision for the future on data-driven and cloud transformation for the digital age. Data is everywhere and both companies share a common vision to unlock best of breed platforms from silos."

Velchamy Sankarlingam, President of Product and Engineering

"Zscaler is excited to partner with Arista, whose scalable cloud-grade routing facilitates seamless cloud transformation with modern, high-performance connectivity to the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. Our shared customers get the added benefit of Zscaler telemetry for analysis within the EOS Network Data Lake for deep visibility into historical data to identify threats and trends."

Punit Minocha, Executive Vice President, Business and Corporate Development at Zscaler