The Job:

The core responsibility is to deliver product features. A major part of this is writing the code that drives our products. But the role of a software engineer is much bigger than just being a coding machine. Software engineers work on the whole development process, including:

  • deciding what features to build
  • driving the design
  • writing the code (of course)
  • pushing testing
  • documenting the feature
  • supporting customers in the field

Along the way, you might:

  • extend and improve the test infrastructure
  • hack on our engineering tools, including p4, django, python, rpm, ...
  • work with sales and business development
  • improve the content on our website 

The Person:

If you...

  • love to program
  • enjoy building things and shipping them, truly making them work
  • find satisfaction in creating a really well-written piece of code
  • care about keeping the code maintainable and preserving its integrity
  • look for a better way, and strive to make it real
  • care about the business too
  • enjoy working with others who feel the same
  • learn how things work, just for fun or out of curiosity

... then this job is for you.

A strong background in linux, C++, TCP/IP, python, hardware, drivers, compilers, or assembly language is a plus. A BSCS/CE degree is required.

Arista is an Equal Opportunity Employer: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.