Redeploy CVX VM Tool

This tool enables you to redeploy CVX VMs. You typically redeploy CVX VMs if:
  • Something goes wrong during deployment.
  • You need to perform a destructive upgrade, which deletes the virtual CVX disks.
  1. Go to
  2. Locate and download:
    • The CVX disk and the Aboot .iso for the version of CVX you are using.
    • The tool package (arista-cv-<version>-mfg.tgz), which is in the CloudVision Portal folder for your version.
  3. SSH into the CV appliance Host OS.
  4. Backup CVX running configuration.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Copy the packages, disks, and the .iso archives you downloaded in step 2.
    • Run wget cvp-<version>-kvm.tgz to copy the package into the CVA host OS under a new directory.
  6. Extract the kvm.tgz to get the script (tar -zxvf cvp-<version>-kvm.tgz).
  7. Copy the downloaded CVX disk and the Aboot disk to /data/cvx/ on the CVA host OS.
  8. / --name cvx --cvxDisk EOS.qcow2 --abootDisk Aboot-veos-serial.iso.
    -bash-4.3$ ./ -h
    usage: [-h] [-n NAME] --cvxDisk CVXDISK --abootDisk
    optional arguments:
    -h, --help show this help message and exit
    -n NAME, --name NAME Name of the CVX VM
    --cvxDisk CVXDISKPath to the Cvx/Eos disk
    --abootDisk ABOOTDISK
     Path to the Aboot disk

    This script is used to redeploy the CVX Vm on the CloudVision Appliance. It takes in the arguments of the CVX Disk images and the Aboot disk images if both are not found locally. The CVX/EOS disks and the Aboot images are available from