Field Notices


This page aggregates the Arista hardware and software product field notices. For further information on Arista’s hardware and software support policies, please see product documentation.

Field Notice 0006

April 2, 2013. Category: Software

The Arista 7050T Series requires a minimum version of EOS to support the latest hardware versions.

Field Notice 0004

September 7, 2012. Category: Hardware

Some Arista DCS-7148S and DCS-7148SX systems manufactured after January 2012 may fail, stop passing traffic, and no longer be responsive to console or remote connections.

Field Notice 0003

March 26, 2011. Category: Software

Switches running 4.5.1 or earlier that have SNMP enabled may be subject to a slow resource leak that will cause the system to consider the /tmp directory to be full.

Field Notice 0002

February 12, 2010. Category: Software

In some cases, Arista Networks Switches running EOS 4.2.0, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3 and EOS 4.3.0, 4.3.1 will be reloaded by the hardware watchdog.

Field Notice 0001

June 26, 2008. Category: Software

Arista Networks Switches running EOS 2.0.3 or earlier do not distribute flows well on a LAG. Recommendation is to upgrade to EOS 2.0.4 or later.