Configuring the Switch
Arista fixed configuration switches ship from the factory in Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) mode, which configures a switch without user intervention by downloading a startup configuration file or a boot script from a location specified by a DHCP server.
If you are not using ZTP, the initial configuration provides one username, admin, that is not assigned a password. When using any username without a password, you can only log into the switch through the console port. After assigning a password to the admin username, you can log into the switch through any port.
This procedure performs the following initial configuration tasks:
cancels ZTP mode.
assigns a password to the admin username.
assigns an IP address to the Ethernet management port.
defines a default route to a network gateway.
Step 1 Provide power to the switch, as described in Section 4.1
Step 2 Connect the switch to a PC with a RJ-45 serial adapter cable, as described in Section 4.2.
As the switch boots without a startup-config file, it displays the following through the console:
The device is in Zero Touch Provisioning mode and is attempting to
download the startup-config from a remote system. The device will not
be fully functional until either a valid startup-config is downloaded
from a remote system or Zero Touch Provisioning is cancelled. To cancel
Zero Touch Provisioning, login as admin and type 'zerotouch cancel'
at the CLI.
localhost login:
Step 3 Log into the switch by typing admin at the login prompt.
localhost login:admin
Step 4 Cancel ZTP mode by typing zerotouch cancel at the localhost prompt.
localhost>zerotouch cancel
Step 5 After the switch boots log into the switch again by typing admin at the login prompt.
Arista EOS
localhost login:admin
Last login: Fri Nov 12 13:17:13 on console
Step 6 Enter privileged EXEC mode by typing enable.
Step 7 Enter global configuration mode by typing configure terminal (or config).
Step 8 Assign a password to the admin username with the username secret command.
localhost(config)#username admin secret pxq123
Step 9 Configure a default route to the network gateway.
localhost(config)#ip route
Step 10 Enter interface configuration mode by typing interface and the name of the management port.
localhost(config)#interface management 1
Step 11 Assign an IP address to the port by typing ip address, followed by the desired address.
localhost(config-if-Ma1)#ip address
This command assigns the ip address to the management port.
Step 12 Exit by typing end at the interface configuration and global configuration prompts.
Step 13 Save the configuration by typing write memory or copy running-config startup-config.
localhost#copy running-config startup-config
When the management port IP address is configured, use this command to access the switch from a host, using the address configured in step 11:
ssh admin@
Refer to the Arista Networks User Manual for complete switch configuration information.