802.1X information shows which endpoints have authenticated, are undergoing authentication, or have failed to authenticate to the network. This information is available to view in two locations from CloudVision: the 802.1X page in the Devices application, and the Dashboards application.

Action bundles can be created within the Template editor. Based on the selected Action Bundle, the rule container will expose extra fields for the user to provide inputs.  If the bundle has a Task action, or an action with a DeviceID argument set to Provide via template, the rule will ask the user to define the Device Filter. 

CloudVision (CV) SSU support offers customers a convenient way to minimize traffic loss during the upgrade of switches  using CV  change control. Customers have the following five options to choose from based on their requirements: NormalReload, SSUOnlyReload, SSUOnlyIgnoreWarningsReload, SSUPreferredReload and SSUPreferredIgnoreWarningsReload. 

Since Device Config diffing is a very important aspect of managing our hardware, we should make sure that this diffing is as convenient as possible. With that we have introduced a few improvements to our diffing component. These improvements range from UX convenience features to performance enhancers.

When there are a large number of configlets assigned to devices, it becomes important to have a fast and easy way to view configlets assigned to a device. To facilitate this, we have introduced multiple enhancements to the Device Configuration page that makes it easier for a user to navigate the configuration of their devices.

This feature adds additional functionality to the Settings > Access Control > Providers page behind the “Expanded Custom Provider Creation” beta toggle. Enabling the toggle will allow users to create and name multiple custom OAuth and SAML providers. 

The syslog export feature allows users to export audit logs to external server endpoints and monitor the status of these exports using CloudVision.

In a future release, we plan to drop support for device authentication via ingest key completely.To help the customer with this process, we are adding this event that flags all devices running with ingest key authentication.

There are two improvements that have been added to the existing Variable Panel for the 2022.3.0 release.