In a typical CloudVision-DMF integration deployment, CloudVision Portal (CVP) deploys alongside the DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF). The DMF controller communicates with CVP to retrieve its managed device inventory and configures port mirroring sessions on any CVP-managed production devices that are Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS) switches.

MPLSoGRE Filtered Mirroring is a specialized version of Mirroring to GRE Tunnel and Filtered Mirroring in which

This feature will allow the user to select whether port mirror destinations of type GRE tunnel include the optional “key” field in the GRE header on certain platforms. The key field allows the user to uniquely identify a particular packet flow. The feature also allows the user to specify the value of the 32 bit key field.

Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) is an IP and TCP extension that facilitates end to end network congestion

Mirroring ACL 4.21.3F

This feature serves as a valuable tool for pinpointing the nature of network traffic at a device under congestion. By mirroring packets from congested queues to a designated mirror destination or CPU for analysis and monitoring, it provides network administrators and operators with the capability to gain an understanding of the traffic contributing to the congestion.

Mirroring CPU EOS 4.31.2F

Arista switches provide several mirroring features. Filtered mirroring to CPU adds a special destination to the

Mirroring CPU 4.24.0F

This feature adds support for allowing multiple destinations in a single monitor session. Reference

For traffic mirroring, Arista switches support several types of mirroring destinations. This document describes a new type of mirroring destination in which mirrored traffic is tunneled over VXLAN as the inner packet to a remote VTEP. This feature is useful for when the traffic analyzer is a VTEP reachable over a VXLAN tunnel.

Mirroring VXLAN EOS 4.30.2F

This article describes some enhanced mirroring configurations in addition to the ones described in

Mirroring Sand 4.24.2F

Sampled Mirroring is an extension of the Mirroring feature and sampling is a property of the

Mirroring TOI EOS 4.18.1F

GRE (Generic Routing Encapsulation) packet header has a Key extension which is used by Arista to carry packet

This article describes how to configure a TCAM ( Ternary Content Addressable Memory ) profile for ingress filtered mirroring sessions. This profile allows mirroring sessions to use less TCAM resources by individually selecting the allowable match criteria.

This feature allows traffic ingressing a VLAN to be mirrored. It mirrors based on the VLAN tag in the Ethernet header, so it is not port based.

Mirroring Vlan EOS 4.28.1F