The 40G only ports on Trident 2 switches may now be configured as 1 lane of 10G, 1G, or 100M*. This

As of EOS 4.17.0F, BFD support has been enhanced with support for configuring BFD within VRFs, improved scalability

The sub route map configuration simplifies routing policies by sharing common policy across route maps. Common

Bug Alerts is a service that runs on Arista CloudVisionTM eXchange (CVX) that provides customers with information on

Support of DSCP + ECN filter in ACL rules for QoS policy ma. Packet classification is supported on basis

This feature provides the ability to track the reason why a BGP path is excluded from the BGP best path selection

The 7500E 6CFPX LC linecard with ACO CFP2 optics provides connectivity over DWDM systems and links. 7500E 6CFPX LC

Dual Tag VLAN mapping feature defines mapping between (outer VID and inner VID of double tagged packet) and bridging

The eBgp "ip next hop unchanged" feature allows a router to send routes to its eBgp peers without changing their next

ECMP Hash visibility CLI determines the output interface for an ECMP set based on the flow parameters supplied by the user. Ingress interface, source IP address, destination IP address and IP protocol are the required parameters. L4 source and destination ports and VLAN identifier are optional, but should be specified if the packet has them.

The EOS Event Manager feature provides the ability to specify a condition and an action to be carried out when that

The EOS Event Manager feature, introduced in 4.17.0F,  provides the ability to specify a condition and an action

The EOS Event Manager feature provides the ability to specify a condition and an action to be carried out when that

Users can now define a global LAG hashing profile. The global LAG hashing profile will be applied to all linecards

The feature enables support for displaying per traffic class counters on ingress interfaces. The feature is

This feature enables dataplane forwarding of IPv4 traffic on interfaces that are not IPv4 address enabled, but only

With this, IPv6 routes can be configured pointing to a static Nexthop group of 2 types:. Type

IS IS adjacency uptime describes the uptime or downtime of neighbors since the last state change.

This feature enables an Arista switch to run the IS IS routing protocol over a tunnel interface to another IS IS

Segment Routing provides mechanism to define end-to-end paths within a topology by encoding paths as sequences of sub-paths or instructions. These sub-paths or instructions are referred to as “segments”. IS-IS Segment Routing (henceforth referred to as IS-IS SR) provides means to advertise such segments through IS-IS protocol.

L3 interface ingress counters can be used to count routable traffic coming into the box on sub interfaces and vlan

LACP State Transition Event Monitoring on Arista switches allows for quick and filterable viewing of LACP state

The Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) is a protocol in the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) context that allows

Support for Media Access Control Security (MACsec) with static keys was added in EOS 4.15.4. This feature brings

MapReduce Tracer is an existing feature that monitors MapReduce nodes that are directly connected to Arista

In an MLAG setup, periodic TCP/UDP heartbeats are sent over peer link to ensure IP connectivity between peers. Prior

MPLS-over-GRE encapsulation support in EOS 4.17.0 enables tunneling IPv4 packets over MPLS over GRE tunnels. This feature leverages next-hop group support in EOS. With this feature, IPv4 routes may be resolved via MPLS-over-GRE next-hop group to be able to push one MPLS label and then GRE encapsulate the resulting labelled IPv4 packet before sending out of the egress interface.

LANZ adds support for monitoring congestion on backplane (or fabric) ports on DCS 7304, DCS 7308, DCS 7316, DCS

NAT Peer State Synchronization feature provides redundancy and resiliency for Dynamic NAT across a pair of devices in an attempt to mitigate the risk of single NAT device failure. Each switch advertises connection state updates to its peer.  State update consists of connection creation, connection state change (TCP mostly) or connection tear down

Nexthop group match in PBR policy enables the user to match incoming packets being routed to a specified nexthop group

EOS 4.17.0F adds support for BFD in OSPFv3. BFD provides a faster convergence in scaled deployments where using

The per port per VLAN feature allows application of QoS policies for IP, IPv6 and non IP traffic on a per port per VLAN

Per VLAN MAC Learning is a feature to enable/disable mac learning per vlan instead of per port. Using this feature with

Ingress policing on front panel ports is supported on DCS 7010X and DCS 7050X since EOS4.14.0F. When ingress policing

Port Channel member status logging on Arista switches allows logging of Ethernet interfaces joining or leaving a

Since, now there can be multiple inputs, conflicts may arise. Non conflicting configurations are when non default

The BGP labeled unicast (LU) RFC is used to advertise BGP routes with a stack of MPLS labels, thereby allowing

This feature provides support for advertising IPv4 unicast Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI) with

EOS 4.17.0F adds support for IPv4 address family in OSPFv3 (multiple address family support) based on RFC5838.

ACL based QoS programmed on SVIs can share hardware resources starting from EOS 4.17.0F. This results in

The show command 'show qos interface fabric' was introduced for DCS 7250QX and DCS 7300X series starting EOS

This feature enables ACL functionality on subinterfaces. ACLs on subinterfaces are configured using the

The guaranteed bandwidth feature ensures minimum bandwidth for outgoing lower priority traffic from a

This feature enables the user to configure PBR policy on an interface in the default VRF to match and forward

This document describes how to use the new feature, VRRP IPv6 using VRRP IPv4 MAC prefixes. RFC 5798 defines a specific

The VxLAN VTEP counters feature allows the device to count VxLAN packets received and sent by the device on a per