This documentation is intended for analysts and will show you how to use the platform; for installation and configuration, see the Getting Started Guide.

The Arista NDR Platform1 analyzes network traffic and autonomously identifies, assesses, and processes threats—giving you actionable insight to respond effectively. The platform helps security teams assess status, identify risks and incursions, and take action, swiftly and easily.

You can use Awake's graphical threat mapping, platform tools, and query language to investigate data from its own monitoring and analysis, and from third-party alert systems. You can also explore for common network hygiene or system inventory issues. Finally, you can use the platform to hunt for security vulnerabilities or intrusions into a network, and to quickly isolate problem devices.

The power of the Arista NDR Platform is its ability to autonomously analyze all the traffic at a site, correlate many factors, and identify risks, vulnerabilities, suspicious behavior, and possible incursions, and present the key findings in easily understood graphical and textual formats along with easy-to-use tools to remedy situations, without requiring an analyst to spend hours or days poring over mountains of data.

Note: The Arista NDR Platform may also be referred to as the Arista Security Platform.

Learn by Doing

The Overview of Platform Dashboards provide an interactive view to the top threats in your environment.

The Risk Dashboard provides four key views, each with a visualization surfacing risks with a different focus. The Arista Virtual Assist (AVA) uses multiple advanced analytics to provide information for the highest risk Devices, Adversarial Model Matches, and Suspect Destinations. In addition, there is a status summary of the Situations which provide a complete view of investigations provided by AVA and its autonomous analysis which finds, informs, and explains malicious or unauthorized activity in your environment.

About this Release

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