Device Details Pane

To get a device pane, click on a device (switch, wireless access point, server, or telephone) in the right panel.

Figure 1. Device Details Pane

This screen provides the following functionalities:

  • Additional information on the device.

  • Device Overview - Click to view the Interface Overview screen. Device Overview

  • Events - Click to view the Events summary screen. See Events Summary Screen.

  • Layout - Click to edit layout hints of the selected device. See Topology Layout Pane.

  • Neighbors - Displays the neighbors list of selected device. Each entry provides the following options:

    • Device name - Click to view the corresponding device pane.

    • View Connectivity - Click to view the connectivity between selected device and neighboring device. See Link Details Panel.

  • Active Events (Optional) - Displays events of the selected device. Click on an event link to view the corresponding Event Details screen.

Note: This option is available only when the Show active events option is enabled in the Topology Options pane. See Topology Options Pane.