Management IP

The CloudVision Portal tracks the Management IP of each device to use in connecting to it. When this IP address changes, the device becomes unreachable by the portal. You can manually change the IP address used by the portal to communicate with a given device.

Changing A Device's Management IP

The management IP address of a device may change for one of the following reasons:

Reason 1:

When a device is provisioned using Zero Touch Provisioning, it may have been assigned a temporary IP address via DHCP. The CloudVision Portal will use this IP address to provision the device. Once the configuration is pushed and the device reboots, this IP address may change.

Reason 2:

1If you change the device IP address directly via the switch console, CloudVision cannot record the change, and the device will become unreachable. Current management IP and proposed management IP can be used to mitigate this potential issue.

Option 1:

Current Management IP: The IP address used by CloudVision to communicate with a device.

1. Set the proposed IP address before pushing the configlet. This way CloudVision will try to reach the device with this IP address once configuration is pushed.

Option 2:

Proposed Management IP: The IP address that CloudVision uses after pushing the configlet.

1. In the Inventory Management screen and the topology, update the Management IP address. For any unreachable device, set the IP address to bring it back to the network.

Setting Proposed Management IP

You can set the Proposed Management IP while adding configlets to the device using the Proposed Management IP menu.

Figure 1. Location of menu for setting Proposed Management IP

If you do not set the Proposed Management IP, you cannot save the configuration as not setting Proposed Management IP.

Figure 2. Setting the Proposed Management IP

  1. Select the Proposed Management IP using the drop-down menu.

    CloudVision lists the available Management IP, Loop back IP, VLAN IP, and Routed Ethernet IP.

  2. Select the desired IP address.
  3. Click Save.

    A task is spawned to assign the new Proposed Management IP.

Changing Current Management IP

  1. Go to the Network Provisioning screen.
  2. Select a device from topology/list view.
  3. Right-click the device and choose Manage > IP Address
    Figure 3. Change Management IP

  4. A pop up will appear allowing you to manually add a new IP address.
    Figure 4. Change IP Address

  5. Verify the reachability of new IP address.
    Figure 5. Verify IP Address