Workflow Overview

Whenever you use Studios, you will begin by either creating a new Workspace or selecting an open Workspace. You will use a Workspace to implement any changes you want to make to one or more Studios. Once you have configured the changes, you will submit the Workspace. It will then be available in Change Control for the relevant user to approve or reject.

If you aree using Studios for the first time, create a Workspace and then select the Inventory and Topology Studio to commission devices for use in Studios.
Figure 1. Studios Workflow
Note: Once a Workspace has been submitted, it cannot be used again. If you wish to make further changes to a Studio, you’ll need to create a new Workspace or select an open Workspace.

Commissioning Devices for Use in Studios

To configure any devices in Studios and Workspaces, you will first need to commission them for use in Studios. This is the purpose of the Inventory and Topology Studio.

To commission devices, you will first create a Workspace and then select the Inventory and Topology Studio. There you will add devices and configure their interface connections. These devices can then be assigned to another Studio using tags.

Note: You will not be able to assign devices to any Studios until you have commissioned devices using the Inventory and Topology Studio.

Creating a Workspace

  1. Click Create Workspace, which will bring up the Create New Workspace modal.
    Figure 2. Create a Workspace
  2. Give your new Workspace a name and a description, and then click Create.
    Figure 3. Name and Describe the Workspace

    The Workplace you have created can now be used to manage the configuration of one or more Studios. It will be available for use in the Workspace dropdown menu.

Configuring an Existing Studio

To begin the process of configuring a Studio, you will need to either create a Workspace or already have an open Workspace available for use.

  1. Create a Workspace or click the Workspace dropdown menu and select the open Workspace that you want to configure the Studio inputs with.
    Figure 4. Selecting a Workspace
  2. Click on the existing Studio that you want to edit.
  3. Manage the devices the Studio is assigned to by clicking Tag Assignment and selecting Assign Tags.
    Figure 5. Tag Assignment

    For more information on how to use Tags, see Tags.

    Note:If the devices you wish to use for the Studio are not available for selection, you will need to commission them for Studios with the Inventory and Topology Studio.
  4. Navigate through the Studio interface and configure your new input values.

    If you want to add or remove the input variables themselves, see Editing a Studio’s Schema.

  5. Once all the changes have been made, you can click Review Workspace.
    Figure 6. Review Workspace

    You will now be brought to the Build Screen that forms part of the Workspace submission process.

    Note: If you want to make changes to multiple Studios with the same Workspace, do not click Review Workspace at Step 4. Return to the Studios home screen and repeat Steps 1-3, selecting the same Workspace for each Studio you want to configure.

Creating a New Studio

A new Studio will add a custom network feature to your Studio Suite, which you can then configure by defining its inputs. When creating a new Studio, you select these inputs and build its interface with the use of Schema.

  1. Click the Workspace menu and select the Workspace you want to use to create the new Studio.
    Figure 7. Select Workspace
  2. Click the New Studio button in the header.
    Figure 8. Create New Studio
  3. The Edit screen is displayed. You must enter a name and description for the new Studio.
  4. After providing the Studio a name and description, you can configure the data that the Studio will collect as inputs. First click Schema then click Add Root Input.
    Figure 9. Add Root Input
  5. Select one of the inputs to configure a variable of the Studio from the section labelled Add New Input.For an explanation of schema inputs, see Input Types.
    Figure 10. Add New Input
    Note: You can configure the Schema input as a CLI configuration by using the Template function once you have created the new input with Schema.
  6. Once all the changes have been made, click Review Workspace to begin the build process. Once that is completed, the Studio will appear in your Studio Suite.

Submitting a Workspace

  1. Click the Review Workspace button in the header.
    Figure 11. Review Workspace
  2. The Workspace will be automatically built for submission, which includes input validation, compiling the configuration, and the validation of the configuration. On the Build screen, you will be able to review the proposed configuration changes.
    Note: The Workspace is automatically built only for the first time that you click Review Workspace. Any subsequent changes made after that will require that you re-build the Workspace by clicking Build.
  3. Once satisfied, you can click Submit Workspace.
    Figure 12. Submit Workspace
  4. You will be presented with a modal that will bring you to Change Control.
    Figure 13. Workspace Submitted

    The relevant user will then be able to approve the Workspace, and its configuration will then become part of the mainline configuration of your network.