Access CV-CUE

CloudVision Cognitive Unified Edge (CV-CUE) is a part of the Arista Cloud services. To access CV-CUE, you must log in to Launchpad.

You get the same user privileges in CV-CUE that were assigned to you for Wireless Manager. For example, if you have the Superuser role in Wireless Manager, you will be able to operate and access CV-CUE as a Superuser.
Perform the following steps to access CV-CUE:
  1. Log in to Launchpad. Refer the Launchpad User Guide for more information.

    Result:The services that you have been provided access to are seen as tiles under Services on the dashboard. Similarly, the applications provided in the cloud are also seen as tiles under Apps on the Dashboard.

  2. Click the CV-CUE tile under Apps to access CV-CUE.

Get Details of CV-CUE Version, Build, and License Agreement

The page displays the version number, build number, the terms and conditions, and the license agreement for CV-CUE.

To view the CV-CUE version number, build number, and license agreement:
  1. On the top-left corner of the screen, click the CV-CUE icon. The following information is displayed on the CV-CUE page:
    Option Description
    Version Version number of CV-CUE
    Build Build number of CV-CUE
    Service Build Build number of Wireless Manager

Get Details of Logged In User

You can view the basic information of the user who is logged in to CV-CUE.

To view the details of the logged in user, click on the initials of the user on the bottom-left corner of the Service menu. The following information is displayed:
Options Description
Login ID The username of the user that has logged in.
User Role The role of the user. For example, Super User, Admin, and so on. These roles are configured in Wireless Manager.
Email The Email address of the user.
Note: The Login Id and the Email address of the user can be the same.
Current Time The current time and date on the system.
Timezone The time zone as selected by the user.

Sign Out of CV-CUE

You can sign out of CV-CUE and its services.

To sign out of CV-CUE, perform the following steps:
  1. On the bottom-left corner of the screen, click the icon that has your login name initials below Services.
  2. Click Sign Out.

    Result: You will be signed out and redirected to the Launchpad Sign In page.

View Open Source Software Licenses

You can view the Open Source Software (OSS) licenses from the UI. The licenses are downloaded to your local drive.
  1. Log in to CV-CUE and click the CV-CUE icon at the top-left corner.
  2. Under OSS Licenses, click the link for each component. The license is downoaded to your local drive.