Device Bootstrap Process

The device bootstrap process is a process that automatically makes un-provisioned devices available for configuration through CVP. Un-provisioned devices automatically boot up in Zero Touch Provisioning mode and register themselves with the CloudVision Portal (CVP). Once they are registered with CVP, devices become available for configuration in the Undefined Container.

  1. Un-provisioned devices boot into Zero Touch Provisioning mode and send out a DHCP request.
  2. The DHCP server then assigns the device an IP Address and returns a URL pointing to the CloudVision portal in the bootfile-name option. The URL with IP address will be like this//ipaddress/ztp/bootstrap .
  3. The device executes this bootstrap script and registers itself with the CloudVision Portal. At this point, the device is available in the Undefined Container.
    You can now add the device to the destination container of your choice and apply the correct image and configuration to the device.