Network Compliance (CVP)

CloudVision continuously computes device configuration and image compliance; and updates compliance status automatically in response to changes in the network.

Configuration compliance is triggered in the following circumstances:
  • A configlet is assigned to either a device or Container
  • Configlet content changes affect all devices to which the configlet has been mapped
  • EOS image version changes due to an image upgrade or downgrade
  • A device restarts streaming after you make the changes mentioned above
Compliance statuses of image and switch configuration are computed when the following entities are edited:
  • Running or designed configurations
  • Extensions or EOS versions
Note: The compliance status of device and parent container icons update automatically.
Image compliance is triggered in the following circumstances:
  • An image bundle is either applied or removed from either device or container
  • Edited mage bundle content
  • Edited either device, EOS version, or extensions

The Compliance Overview dashboard from the Devices tab presents the number of devices and their compliance status in the following categories:

  • Bug Exposure
  • Security Advisories
  • Configuration Compliance
  • Image Compliance

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