Accessing Help Center Documentation

Starting with 2023.2.0 release, CloudVision provides you with in-product documentation support called Help Center. The Help Center allows you to access detailed information on CloudVision features and functionalities. Prior to 2023.2.0 release, Help Center was available as a beta functionality.

You can access Help Center, which is represented by a (?) icon in a circle, in the top-right corner of every CloudVision page as shown below:
Figure 1. Help Center

When you click on the Help Center icon (?), the Help Center page for the corresponding CloudVision screen is displayed. The main article explains the CloudVision screen you are viewing and the workflow. Additionally, the Related Articles section displays a list of related topics that are relevant to the main topic.

Navigating the Help Center

The Help Center provides various functionalities that allow you to navigate the CloudVision portal and documentation. By default, the displayed Help Center article corresponds to the CloudVision page on which you clicked the Help Center icon. That is, the Help Center and the CloudVision UI are synchronized, by default. See image below:
Figure 2. Help Center Search Functionality

The Search function within the Help Center page allows you to search the Help Center documentation using a keyword or term, where you can find articles non-related to the current page. When you search for a term or a keyword, the Help Center displays a list of articles related to the searched term. For example, while in the Devices Inventory page, if you had searched for Studios, the Help Center displays the Studios page as shown below:
Figure 3. Help Center - Searched Page

If you want to go back to the article corresponding to the CloudVision UI, click on the Location icon on the currently displayed Help Center pageas shown below:
Figure 4. Help Center - Location Page

To open the CloudVision UI page corresponding to the searched Help Center article, click on the arrow (→) next to the Help Center article title as below:
Figure 5. Help Center -Relevant UI page

By default, the Help Center page opens as a drawer in the CloudVision portal. Click on the pop-out icon on the Help Center page (see image below) if you want to open the Help Center page as an independent window enabling you to move around the Help Center so that it does not obstruct the CloudVision portal.
Figure 6. Help Center - Help Pop Out

On the Help Center page, you can navigate forward and backwards through opened articles and search menus as shown below:
Figure 7. Help Center - Navigation

The Help Center also supports documentation feedback. You can click on the feedback icon, enter your comments in the text box, and then click Continue. The feedback is emailed to the CloudVision team at Arista Support.
Figure 8. Help Center - Feedback