Accessing the Home Page

All features like Devices, Events, Provisioning, Metrics, CloudTracer, Topology, Inventory, and Compliance are displayed on the home panel. A service dashboard scroller also exists to the right of the screen.

Note: You must have required privileges to access a switch.
Figure 1. Home Page

The home page provides the following selections.

  • Devices: View all devices across multiple topologies.
  • Events: View multiple events on multiple devices.
  • Provisioning: Hierarchical tree structure of the network is maintained here. All the configuration and image assignment to the network switches are made via this module.
  • Metrics: View multiple metrics across multiple devices. Select at least one metric and one device to begin.
  • CloudTracer: CloudTracer metrics across multiple devices or hosts. Select at least one metric and one device or host to begin.
  • Topology: View the location of devices in individual topologies.